Assassins Creed III a Hit at Local GameStop

By Chris Mueller, Moon News Cloud Contributor

A new video games hit shelves last week, Assassins Creed III, and local video game stores such as the GameStop in Robinson are benefiting greatly.

About 32,000 copies in the general Pittsburgh area were sold in that one week, cementing itself as the most prominent video game released in the area in the last five years.

But what makes this game, the third generation of its kind, such a hit?

“Assassins Creed III has really paved the way for first-hand shooters in today’s market,” said Bethany Peters, GameStop’s store manager. “It combines great graphics with an awesome storyline, giving the audience exactly what they’re looking for.”

The game takes place in the 1400s. Players start out as a young Pirate aboard a ship headed for colonies. They must complete the story mode in which they find themselves with the inevitable twists and turns along the way.

The Robinson GameStop is offering customers the opportunity to trade in their old games to help put credit towards the new Assassins Creed, which is running at $60.99.

“If customers trade in their old games they don’t play anymore, it helps to offset the cost of the new and expensive video games,” said Peters.

The game has a player content rating of “M”, which means it cannot be purchased unless the customer is over the age of 18, or accompanied by a parent if they are younger than 18.

“There is a lot of violence and blood in these kinds of games,” said Andrew Murner, a 16-year old Chartiers Valley High School student. “My mom had to come with me to buy the game, but as long as I know that video games are not reality, she’s usually okay with the violence.”

Murner has been playing the Assassin’s Creed brand since it debuted in 2010.

“From the first one to now, the games have definitely improved,” said Murner. “Their graphics are better, you can do more things in the game, stuff like that.”

With the increase of games like Assassins Creed beginning to hit the market, GameStop’s all over the area, including Robinson Township, will continue to reap the high rewards.

“With the new technology wave, video games are going to keep getting better and better,” Peters said. “I honestly couldn’t tell you what they will look like 15 years from now.”