E-GO Is A New Craze, But Is It Healthy?

By Chris Mueller, Moon News Cloud Contributor; Photos by Kristin Garrard, Moon News Cloud Contributor

Electronic cigarettes and refill packages
Electronic cigarettes and refill packages

Cigarette smoking is not healthy. Smokers and non-smokers know that.

However, even after knowing the harmful effects they cause to the human body, many tobacco consumers are too addicted to stop smoking,

But with the invention of a new electronic-cigarette vaporizer, the E-GO, quitting smoking has never been so easy.


The Smoke Stack located in Moon Township is just one of the many cigar shops selling the E-GO product. This electronic-cigarette takes out the harmful chemicals associated with a normal cigarette but leaves the nicotine, providing an easy and affordable way to cut back or quit smoking all together.

“Ever since I started buying E-GO products, the urge to smoke hasn’t been as strong,” said Nicholas Scarfone, 22, of Moon. “It was a little weird at first, but since I got used to it, I haven’t wanted to buy cigarettes in a few weeks. It’s really starting to save me money.”

The E-GO does not contain any smoke. Instead, it injects nicotine into a heat-infused vapor, providing the consumer with that same nicotine buzz without the harmful chemicals.

“The nicotine percentage in one E-GO is not enough to harm you,” said store manager Jerry Welsh. “So really, there are no harmful side effects to the product.”

The E-GO is rechargeable, making it a smarter option to save money. It comes with a case and cleaning pack, which makes the need to replace a product of this kind rare.

E-Go's traveling case
E-Go’s traveling case

“The vapor is a lot smoother on my lungs,” said Scarfone. “It’s just a better option across the board, especially for how convenient it is.”

“This has been one of the most successful ways to quit smoking,” said Welsh. “Finally, something comes along that actually helps. For a lot of people, it has begun to turn into a hobby.”

There are a variety of flavors associated with the E-GO, giving off a different taste of vapor with each bottle. As Welsh explained, a chamber connected to the front of the product detaches, allowing the liquid nicotine to inject into the heating chambers.

Examples of liquid nicotine that can be used with the E-GO vaporizers
Examples of liquid nicotine that can be used with the E-GO vaporizers

As long as the battery has been charged, the electronic device is ready to produce vapor with the push of a button.

“I even bought a car charger for it,” said Scarfone. “I take the E-GO everywhere. It’s turned getting that smoking buzz into something I’m not ashamed of.”

The Smoke Stack off University Boulevard is regularly getting shipments of new electronic products and devices. If the E-GO remains true to its claim of helping people to quit cigarettes, a new wave in the tobacco industry could possibly begin, while people begin to understand the true meaning of electronic smoking devices.

Not to aid in killing smokers, but to give them a viable, safer option.

“There is a lot of controversy going along with it because it’s so new and an unregulated industry,” said Welsh. “The world doesn’t know how to classify this type of thing yet.”