FDA Plans Regulations for E-Cigs and Cigars

By Angelique Arenas, Moon News Cloud Contributor

Recently, an increasing number of states have cracked down on the public use of e-cigarettes in indoor public settings.  While e-cigarettes don’t contain many of the harmful chemicals as regular cigarettes, the FDA has found toxic ingredients in the products. The FDA claims the new rule intends to bolster product safety.

Though the FDA’s intentions are to create awareness for health purposes, are consumers going to react negatively or kick the habit of smoking?

As an employee in the Pittsburgh international airport, I have found e-cigarettes usage increasing over the past few years. Because smoking in the airport is not permitted, more and more people are taking alternative measure to purchase e-cigarettes while waiting to board their flights.

I also believe more college students are beginning to use electronic cigarettes because of the fad increase and easy access to smoke while in classroom buildings that do not permit regular cigarette smoking. Now students are purchasing this product as a means of popularity and simplicity. Research into the effect of electronic cigarettes lags behind their sudden popularity and the there is a worrisome increase of the number of teens using this product.

As more individuals are being exposed to this product more information should be exposed pertaining to the harmful effects resulting to constant nicotine exposure. Because this is a newer product on the market many people aren’t aware of this information and such harmful ingredients is not advertised by manufactures of electronic cigarettes. Most manufactures are claiming that electronic cigarettes are in fact a safe alternative to conventional cigarettes.

With this information, health professionals hope to raise awareness to e-cigarettes consumers and regulate the use of electronic cigarettes completely. As the fad continues to increase and young smokers are beginning to use this alternative method of smoking health professionals and avid anti cigarette smokers hope that these regulations will benefit the safety of individuals who subject themselves to e-cigarette usage, and may not be aware of how much nicotine and other chemicals are contained within the product.