Former RMU Women’s Basketball Player Leading Important Musical Tour

By Brittany Rowe, Moon News Cloud Contributor


Not only is Jasmine Tate, 22, a singer and songwriter, she is a musical performer and the voice for the Life and Love project.

“I have actually had the Life and Love project in my heart for a little over a year now,” she said.

The Ohio native came to Moon Township after receiving a full- ride scholarship to the Robert Morris University women’s basketball team. She was an important player on the floor, but what she accomplished off the court deserves attention.

Tate said “music truly impacted my life about a year ago.” She said she found herself in a series of “coincidental situations.” Multiple friends told her that they had a dream of her being a performer, or singer of some sort. Tate said that “preachers would call me out in churches or at different events to tell me I was going to sing and be a performer.”

Typically, people dismiss these interactions as a vision and not a reality. These events would happen so frequently that one day she agreed to a “seemingly unending call to pursue music.”

The inspirations toward the Life and Love Tour and success with music stems from her family guidance, and learning through personal experience. “My drive to make this project a success comes from my mom who taught me to always work hard if I really believe in something,” she said.

Jasmine excels in capturing her audiences eyes, ears, and hearts through her work.  “Dreams are awesome, but it is a vision, that makes space for resources to be provided, for a dream to come true” she said. With a constant passion for the arts Jasmine is “very excited to move forward in the process.”

The idea for the Life and Love album and tour is to “facilitate a tour that highlights individuals, and real life stories within the Life and Love group members,” she added.

The most exciting part of the tour to Jasmine is meeting new people in many different places, and becoming a more diverse person. Networking and communicating with people is essential in being successful, especially in the entertainment industry.

Individually, each of the Life and Love artists share a similar passion for the arts in many unique forms. “We all carry a similar heart and passion, to be a genuine voice in the arts,” she noted.

The Life and Love Tour is based on the idea that “life happens to everyone and so does love, it is inevitable.” Tate said that “this process took a lot of planning, and long, hard thinking.”

In an attempt to lift the project off the ground Tate started a Kickstarter Campaign and raised $20,000 in 30 days to fund the project. Little did anyone know this was the beginning of significant life changes.

“I try to make a lot of space at shows to interact with people on and off stage,” she added. “I truly believe that it is necessary to stay grounded and reachable.”

She reaches out with the intent of creating positive change through music, and the Life and Love Tour will be one that impacts peoples lives all around the country.

The Life and Love Tour takes place April through to July. The group is performing in 10 cities including Pittsburgh. Tate has a lot to look forward to with this tour, but she says “I am most excited to gain new friends from all around the nation.”

In this tour, there will be a variety of artists performing that each individually showing their personal sides. There will be singing, dancing, and painting.

All but one of the artists are Pittsburgh residents.