Glass Gone Wow Comes to Robinson

By Brittany Rowe, Moon News Cloud Contributor

Photos by Kristin Garrard, Moon News Cloud Contributor


Glass Gone Wow is located in Robinson, directly across the street from Burkett Elementary School. The building is discrete but the layout and area is very pleasant.

Not only do people find this new shop convenient it is a unique glass shop that sells water pipes of all kinds. The only thing is this glassware is very fragile, and expensive to buy in addition.

Everything in the store is made of glass. Many people in the Moon Township, Coraopolis, Pittsburgh, and Robinson areas are talking about this new store.

It has a welcoming atmosphere and is modernized for example; the television’s located inside for entertainment and advertising purposes.

It is recommended that people of the area, and out of the area come to Robinson and adventure around the “Glass Gone Wild” shop. The new development gives people a sense of excitement for more stores to come in the near future.