Help Wanted Signs All Over the Township

By Kristin Garrard, Moon News Cloud Contributor

With summer quickly approaching, many places of business are either letting their seasonal workers go or welcoming new employees.

Look around Moon Township and Robinson and you will see the places that are hiring or accepting applications. Students make up a good percentage of workers in the area and they usually tend to be seasonal.  Seasonal workers can only work for a certain period of time.

These positions can fill as soon as the job opening goes up by people looking specifically for summer work or a part-time position.  The common jobs are usually fast food restaurants, serving and bussing positions, retail, bartending, and similar customer-service driven positions.  These positions are good experience for workers and do not usually require specific skills.

On University Boulevard, a variety of places are hiring, such as Giant Eagle, Selma’s Barbeque, McDonalds and Dunkin’ Donuts.

One man recently hired by Selma’s discussed his job search.

“After I applied I got a call that same week for an interview.  It is easy to get a part time job right now because a lot of places are hiring.  I applied to more than one and heard back from all of them, I just like Selma’s the best,” Clayton said.