He’s not “LAX” about helping others

Luc Magnan, Moon News Cloud Contributor

Know somebody who goes the extra distance? Who strives for excellence? Who not only pushes himself or herself while improving the lives of people around them?

Jody Proudfit is one of those kinds of people.

Proudfit is a strategic marketer for Highmark, but around the Moon, he is much more than that. He is the man who runs travel programs in both lacrosse and soccer. Proudfit also runs multiple snowboarding clinics and lessons, and continuously supports the community in any way he can.

Why lacrosse? “I was looking to get involved in the community. I wanted to do something that wasn’t football, and a little more than soccer,” he said. “A sport you can play outside, and doesn’t conflict with winter sports such as hockey and snowboarding.”

In the Moon lacrosse program, Proudfit has teams from ages eight all the way up to age 15. Proudfit believes youth sports sets up good habits and develops athletic skills, such as working with other team members, improving personal skill and staying active.

“Jody does not only have a day job, but he puts countless numbers of hours in behind the scenes that go unnoticed at times,” Jacob Ruest, Moon High School’s lacrosse coach said. “It has been a pleasure to work and coach with him in the fall and I look forward to learning more from such a humble person this coming season.”

Proudfit has the drive to push athletes to their personal pinnacles and reach their full potential. This being said, Proudfit has worked hard to get athletes to the next level in their respective sport.