Moon residents weigh in on President’s visit

President Obama’s visit to the Pittsburgh area on Wednesday prompted area residents to talk about the work he has done in the Oval Office thus far. At least two Moon residents admit they are not satisfied.

Dave Bishop feels that the president has not kept his word on multiple issues, such as lowering taxes.

“If I could ask the president one question, I would ask him how he expects the economy to grow when small businesses continue to be crippled with taxes,” Bishop said.

Bishop also felt that the country is struggling to get by with problems involving the economy, specifically minimum wage and unemployment.

Bishop, who suffers from diabetes, as well as past experiences with kidney failure, believes that the health care reform is not what citizens like him need to get treatment for their illnesses.

“Obamacare needs to go,” Bishop added. “There are better ways to get people the treatment they need than this.”

Diana Bourke is a single mother of two, who has worked two jobs for the past six years. She prides herself in never living off of the government, and always doing what she needs to support her family.

“Even when I was homeless twice, I never took from the government,” said Bourke, a bartender at the Moon Primanti’s, as well as an employee with Pittsburgh International Airport.

Bourke described the country as “disappointing and broken.”

“I just feel that there is so much potential for our country, and that Obama does not bring out our best,” Bourke indicated.

With the State Of The Union address on Tuesday, as well as his four-state trip this week, the president hopes to set the foundation to finish his last two years on a high note. The residents of Moon are hoping for the same thing.