Moon’s Parks and Recreation Department Has Big Plans to Present

By Leah Fleischel, Moon News Cloud Contributor

Moon Parks & Recreation is gearing up to present The Moon Township Waterfront Park Master Plan to Moon Township officials that will significantly change and enhance the way people use the parks.
The 17 acres of waterfront access will act as a “highly-visual gateway into Moon Township from the Sewickley Bridge and along University Boulevard,” according to the master plan. It will provide a comfortable setting environmentally and for outdoor enthusiasts.
Though the township’s leaders and the public have yet to see the master plan, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) has taken notice. It is the featured plan on the DCNR’s  website because it sets an example other parks departments should follow.
“Parks and recreation departments looking to create plans are now using ours as an example. That makes us feel good about what we’re trying to accomplish here,” said Amy Ottaviani, assistant director of Moon Parks & Recreation.
The plan was developed to not only serve the needs of Moon residents, but to eventually become a destination in the region. This kind of access to the Ohio River is unique and provides a multitude of opportunities on how the river can be used.
According to the master plan, the waterfront park will provide opportunities for river-orientated activities with non-motorized watercraft, exercise and fitness opportunities, environmental education and a scenic place to relax by connecting with nature.
It also could become a lively social setting for various types of activities and events. The growing student population of Robert Morris University was kept in mind throughout this process due to the high appeal that this beach-like setting would bring.
“We really think RMU students will love it. There are so many different ways for them to enjoy it and it’s something that is accessible to them,” said Ottaviani.
The waterfront park’s amenities include fishing piers, boating day docks, riverfront boardwalk and overlook and river edge paths.
Visitors to the park will not only be able to enjoy the natural view, but will be actively engaging with the environment as well.
Residents are not the only ones who will benefit, as the park will play a large role in helping to improve the health of the Ohio River ecosystem.
Funding for this initiative began a few years ago, but money went to assisting in Hurricane Sandy cleanup. That amount has been since gained back, and the first part of the funding has been acquired, Ottaviani said.
The plan for the top-of-the-line waterfront park is set to be presented at the Moon Township meeting on April 2 at 7 p.m.