New person, new mission for Moon’s Economic Development Office

By Caley Sanguigni, Moon News Cloud Contributor

A new face became a central feature of the Feb. 19 Moon Township Planning Commission meeting.

Travis Schenk is the township’s new economic development coordinator. He brings eight years of experience to the position.

Moon Township’s manager Jeanne Creese explained the position also includes a change in responsibilities. Creese said Schenk will focus more on economic development with the goal of better meeting the needs of the township’s residents and the college population.

The meeting then progressed with routine applications for review. Malcolm Petroccia, the township engineer, listed residential projects occurring around the township.

Administrative issues were then discussed by the planning commission.  Tim Bish, attorney for the township, explained a summary of various changes involving land use.  He stated they “did not change significantly” and they would not be put into effect until April.

This meeting marked the first time the planning commission used a paperless agenda system. They system was used in an effort to save paper and for the members of the committee to have better access to agenda information. Moon school boards and other various committees have been using the system for approximately a year.

The planning commission’s next meeting will take place March 19.