Off The Hook Exotic Pets Is the Place for Moon’s Unusual Animal Lovers

By Chris Mueller, Moon News Cloud Contributor

Off the Hook features a 12-foot Albino python that is a friendly snake
Off the Hook features a 12-foot Albino python that is a friendly snake

Tucker and Leo are two 5-week old rabbits recently purchased from Off the Hook Exotic Pets, located in Coraopolis.

Brian Wilwol, 20, recently purchased the pair of bunnies, and is extremely happy with his decision.

“They were just so cute inside the cage when I visited,” he said. “It was a no-brainer. They make the perfect low-maintenance house pet.”

“I’ve probably sold over three dozen rabbits since November,” said co-owner Desiree Diaz. “We don’t hold our animals for very long.”

The two baby bunnies are examples of the exotic pets on display at Off the Hook, a family-run business that started up last November. Diaz and her huband have a passion for animals and making sure they find the proper home.

Success wasn’t that easy to come by.

“We were a traveling pet store for a while,” Desiree said. “We do fish tank design and maintenance for a lot of residential clients. Once we picked up more and more clients, we ended up with 34 on a weekly basis. They needed fish, and we just decided it was time to branch out and expand.”

Off the Hook features hundreds of different types of wildlife, expanding as far as crocodiles and pythons, to parrots and rabbits.

“The most popular is probably the reptiles,” she said. ”They make awesome pets. They don’t require a lot of training and are really low maintenance. It’s much easier to have a pet that you can handle when you want to, but don’t necessarily have to.

Keeping a solid foundation between buyer and breeder, Off the Hook makes sure all the proper precautions are taken in order to ensure complete safety and health of the animal.

“We do try to make sure we’re on a personal relationship with most of our breeders,” said Diaz. “That way, we’re able to pass more information on to the buyer.”

Off the Hook houses reptiles, amphibians, and rodents right now. But according to Diaz, one day they hope to expand to much more than that.

“We always are on the lookout for locally bred dogs and cats,” she said. “My thing is, I don’t want to overpopulate the area with pitbulls and things that are generally in the shelters.”

Off the Hook Exotic pets is a new and up and coming business that all animal lovers with enjoy. To learn more, visit its Facebook page or website, which is