Recent McCandless Crime Case Serves as Valuable Reminder About Safety

By Kyra Mayo, Moon News Cloud Contributor

Crimes are devastating enough but add innocent children into the mix and you have a whole new can of worms. Incidents occur all the time, but too often our society seems more interested in sports and potholes. Sure, potholes are terrible and sports are a good source of entertainment, but shouldn’t we care a little more about dying children instead?

The most recent case of Michelle Schlemmer, 40, of McCandless, who stands accused of drowning two of her three sons, is now front and center on local television and in the newspapers and for good reason. Reports say that Schlemmer acted after hearing voices that told her she could better raise her eldest son if the other two were in Heaven.

Schlemmer also backed into the same two children months ago and claimed it as an “accident.” One plus one really does make two, although authorities are unable to actually determine whether the car incident was an accident or a cry for help. Either way, Schlemmer has now been charged with murder for the death of her youngest while her middle son is hospitalized in critical condition.

What happened in McCandless should serve as a warning sign for surrounding communities. With the weather heating up, children will soon be locked in hot cars while parents “run into the store for just a minute” just as Schlemmer did in 2009.

Neglect happens in downtown Pittsburgh and even in areas like our backyard, Moon Township. A lapse in judgment or intentional cruelty is the same when it comes to children and their safety and well-being. There is no excuse should someone leave their child in a hot car in the Moon Township Giant Eagle parking lot, or anywhere else.

I encourage both parents and non-parents alike to be observant and proactive as the warmer weather comes around as well as any other time of the year. These children that are being neglected are our future generation and so we need to look after them as we have been looked after. Do not ignore the signs and take the initiative to speak up and help save the kids.