Renovations Almost Complete to the Moon Plaza Giant Eagle

By Kyra Mayo, Moon News Cloud Contributor

The Moon Township Giant Eagle has been undergoing renovations for the past six months. But by early April, they should be complete and allow for a grand re-opening of the store.
Older parts of the store have been updated and there are new additions for guests to improve the overall shopping experience.
The store now provides a bulk food section, a beer section, a new International section, a new Health Beauty and Wellness (HBW) section and a new Sizzling Asian Wok. The beer section which provides many new and different kinds of beers, ales, stouts and lagers while also still providing guests with their common favorites. There is also the opportunity for guests to ‘Build Your Own 6-Pack’ in the refrigerated section. In order to consume any alcohol while in the store, however, guests are also required to purchase a meal.
The Sizzling Wok will be a new experience for all as trained chefs prepare food while guests watch and wait. “I’m excited for the wok to open. I’m looking forward to being able to smell it while I work,” said Giant Eagle employee La’nae Strickland.
One step below an actual Market District, the Moon Township Giant Eagle has gained status as a “signature store,” meaning that it provides similar services as a Market District, but not all.
“I’m glad that I can finally buy all my groceries and beer in the same place. Nothing better than saving gas and time,” said Moon Township resident Florin Evanko.
The International section include Hispanic, Greek, Kosher, Asian and more.
The HBW section has been both moved and expanded to include a brand new pharmacy as well a “beauty expert” who can provide guests with assistance in answering health and beauty questions. The HBW section now includes a wider variety of vitamins and other over the counter medications as well as a wider variety of beauty products that are more common for Market District stores.