Sewickley’s leaders “deserve an A” for taking care of their roads

Derick Woodard III, Moon News Cloud Contributor

Western Pennsylvania residents are no stranger to inclement weather once winter hits, and snow, sleet, freezing rain and ice equal a lot of problems on the roads.

Opinions about the ability of local communities to keep up with salting the roads and clearing the snow vary. In nearby Sewickley, the consensus is that community leaders do an exceptional job in road treatment.

The Sewickley Confectionery, a local Ice Cream shop, is owned by Christian Bichsel. He believes that his area sets the standard on how roads should be treated when winter weather hits.

“The borough does a fantastic job clearing the roads for us,” Bichsel said. “They always seem to have extra crews when needed, and are always on top of removing the snow and ice.”

Bichsel also mentioned that especially in this harsh winter Sewickley is the “golden child” when it comes to road treatment.

“I think they deserve an A, if I was grading them,” Bichsel claimed. “I’ve never had an issue here like people seem to have in the city.”

The condition of Sewickley’s roads also matter to the many people who commute there for work.

Mallory Sarver, a Moon resident and a barista at Sewickley’s Crazy Mocha, says she sees a difference between where she works and where she lives.

“The roads here always seem cleaner than in Moon,” Sarver said. “Sometimes they’re a little slick if not salted enough, but for the most part I don’t have the problems I have elsewhere.”