Snow Day: School Cancellations

Weather cancellations have become an all too familiar occurrence this school year.  Snow, ice, and dangerously low temperatures have caused Moon Township schools and hundreds others to shut down for at least one day.

Road conditions are a leading factor in why schools are closed or delayed.  If there is not a safe way for students to travel to school then the districts’ leaders must decide whether to delay school or close it.

When schools close, parents, especially those with younger children, often must scramble to find daycare or other supervision.

Paul Herman, a Moon Township resident, has a younger sibling who attends Moon Area High School. He remembers the days his parents relied on him to look after her.

“My younger sister is old enough to be at home alone; but when she wasn’t, I was the designated babysitter,” said Herman. “I’d imagine that parents with younger children make the necessary arrangements for their child on days school is canceled like staying with a friend.”

Moon Township school district uses an advanced alert system called Connect 5, which rapidly notifies parents of delays and closings via telephone.  The school district also uses television, radio, and social networks to broadcast closings and delays.

“The district does a great job of letting parents know when school will be delayed or closed,” said Christine Bel, the parent of a student attending one of Moon’s schools.  “I have no complaints towards their alert system.”

Moon’s schools aren’t likely to see delays over the next few days with warmer temperatures in the forecast. But February is just around the corner.