Topping Town Brings Sweet Small Business to Moon Township

By Leah Fleischel, Moon News Cloud Contributor

Topping Town, located in Moon Plaza, recently opened; it is owned by two RMU graduates.
Topping Town, located in Moon Plaza, recently opened; it is owned by two RMU graduates.
Topping Town might be the newest business on the block in Moon Township, but it is an essential that the community has long been without.
The frozen yogurt shop opened on Dec. 27 after months of preparation by owners Jamie and Heidi Kownacki. Owning a business had always been a goal of theirs, and for a pair of Robert Morris University graduates that called Moon home for a few years, they did not have far to look.
Topping Town is nestled in Moon Plaza, and Heidi Kownacki believes its small size is an asset because it allows the space to feel more inviting for customers.
Opening a frozen yogurt shop in the middle of winter in Western Pennsylvania may not seem like a prime time for the business, but the Kownackis have a method to their madness.
“As new business owners, we’re really giving ourselves time to figure things out. By the time summer hits, we know that we’ll be fully ready for the busy season,” said Heidi.
With frozen yogurt shops popping up left and right, the longevity of the business might be questionable. Topping Town is more than just your typical quick sit-down place as customers are invited to stay and enjoy the atmosphere.
Upon stepping into Topping Town, it is plain to see the difference from other frozen yogurt shops. The lavender and black color scheme gives it a mellow feel, as opposed to many other shops that are so bright that they could be mistaken for carnivals. It also has a few couches and free wi-fi for those looking to maximize their stay.
“We don’t want it to be a place where people just come in, eat their yogurt, and leave. We created the environment the way it is with the purpose that people could relax and socialize too,” said Heidi.
So far Topping Town has been winning approval from customers who have braved the cold to give the frozen yogurt shop a try.
“The frozen yogurt was delicious and the staff was very sweet. The feel of the place is modern and cozy,” said customer Stefanie Lawson.
Social media such as Facebook has helped promote the business and gather feedback, Heidi said. The creation of these accounts were done with the help of a marketing class at Robert Morris University.
Though Topping Town is currently just an independently owned small-business with eight employees, the Kownackis hope to expand. For now, they are just keeping the future plans small.
Something the Kownackis hope to add in the summer months is a frozen yogurt delivery service, keeping the convenience of the college students across the street in mind. They are also working with other local businesses in the area to provide package deals and discounts.
Once the weather gets warm, there is no telling just how contagious the atmosphere at Topping Town mixed with the sweet dessert will be for Moon.