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Sleepy Hallow “Boy Meets World” Album Review


After 2 years without album released, Sleepy Hallow recently released “Boy Meets World” on September 15th. On the album, Hallow mixes New York drill with melodic hip-hop production. Containing 18 songs, 8 features, and 43 minutes of content, there are going to be a few hits and a few misses. Here is my list of the top 5 songs in the track list.

1. “A N X I E T Y (feat. Doechii)”

Having one of the best, most catchy choruses of the entire album, it’s no surprise to see critics and fans rate this as the number-one song. The New York drill style flows super well with the slower beat and allows him to really get across how his own anxiety affects him.

2. “Damn”

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With an up-tempo beat, it’s pretty hard not to bob your head along with it. In the song, he says how he doesn’t care if he stays in the trenches because of how addicted he is to this girl. Along with not caring what her friends think of him, it shows how committed he is to her.

3. “Driver’s Seat”

Being the intro song of the album, it is the song that sets the standard for every other song, and wow, did it set a high standard! This song goes into driving and how you have these moments in the car where you feel completely at peace and don’t have a worry in the world.

4. “ADHD”

This song really brings out the New York drill style, talking about how he isn’t afraid of confrontation and how his self-image isn’t a facade, he’s the real deal. The ADHD title of this song comes from him being constantly on edge from the violence that surrounds his life.

5. “GBG (feat. Marshmello)”

Another song that includes the violence that often comes with New York drill, this song talks about those that pray on his downfall. In one line, he says, “And I drop an opp, I ain’t dropping a diss,” which basically calls out everyone in the drill scene as people more focused on the fame and money than the people closest to them.

Overall, the album was really well done and only really had a few mediocre songs, one of the worst being “Perky Man (feat. Mikey Bands & Jay Bezzy),” which is more of a rave song and does not fit his style.

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