Alzheimer’s Awareness at RMU

Jessica Terza, Contributor

On Thursday, Nov. 8, teams gathered in the cafeteria to face off in a campus wide scavenger hunt. Each team paid $1 to enter. The proceeds are going towards Alzheimer’s awareness.

The Student Alliance of Future Healthcare Professionals hosted the event. The scavenger hunt began at 4:30 p.m. and didn’t end until 6:05 p.m. due to a tie between two groups.

Katie Connell, vice president of the Student Alliance of Future Healthcare Professionals, described the event: “We had a list of clues that are worth different amounts of points. Whatever you think the clue is you have to take a picture of it and whoever has the most pictures and points at the end wins.”

The scavenger hunt went a little longer than expected because two teams had tied. Connell then thought of five more things for the two groups of three to find and set them to work with only a 15 minute time limit.

In the end , Catie Stefko, Daniel Nethers, and Nicole Chapman, all juniors at RMU, were declared the winners. They won two Sheetz $25 gift cards.

“The riddles the scavenger hunt had, the Sheetz gift cards, and the competition was the most fun out of this whole thing,” Stefko said.

The Student Alliance of Future Healthcare Professionals is hoping to continue this event next year and get more people out hunting for a good cause.