Beyond the Staff: Anne Marie Buschiazzo!


Anne Marie Buschiazzo in front of her office in Wheatley. (Photo credits: Grace Santavicca)

Beck Necciai, Reporter

Anne Marie Buschiazzo, the Academic Advising and Enrollment Coordinator of the School of Informatics, Humanities and Social Sciences, helps all undergraduate students and is also an online success coach for everyone at Robert Morris.

She started her career at the University of Delaware as an Assistant Area Coordinator at the Office of Residence Life. She then worked at Temple University running their New Student Orientation and directed two different Student Support Programs for 25 years.

She came to the Pittsburgh area around 5 years ago with her husband and applied for the Hillman Grant position. She explained some of the significant changes that have occurred since she started: new majors and new major combinations, new classes and dean changes.

She loves her position here at Robert Morris.

“I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Buschiazzo said.

Her biggest inspiration is her parents, noting how they went from working in the city to county florists. “They taught me the value of loving what you do,” Buschiazzo said. This change showed her that if you don’t enjoy your job, then change it.

Some advice she would give to students looking into Academic Affairs is, “It’s super rewarding, there is always something to do and students to help.”

Buchiazzo also offers advice, and candy, to students looking into the school of SIHSS. She encourages new possibilities outside of the classroom and to set yourself apart from the crowd.