Both temperature and tuition are climbing at RMU


Photo credit: Paul Wintruba

Sarah Applegarth

More than just the temperature is expected to rise on campus this summer. An email released by RMU News on March 14 explained that full- time undergraduate tuition is due to increase. As of Summer 2016, traditional undergraduate tuition will increase 3.99 percent making tuition and fees total $28,200 and room and board $10,910.

RMU cites the increase to “updating instructional technology and maintaining the campus infrastructure and the range of services we provide to students.” The email goes on to explain that many of the costs that RMU experiences are related to salary and employee benefits expenses.

Overall, students will be paying $1,030 per year for tuition and $470 more for room and board; for a combined $1,500 increase. Multiply 4,486 traditional undergraduate students, 2,055 of which are resident, with the increase and RMU will be expecting almost $5.6 million in increased revenue.

This increase follows last year’s of 3.65 percent that brought tuition to its current rate. Overall, in the past three years, RMU tuition has gone up $3,700.

However, there is good news. Robert Morris Financial Aid Center is offering assistance in helping students find additional scholarships and grants. The center “stands ready to assist students and their families in understanding and paying the student’s bill.” Also, the Career Center is open to help students find on-campus employment, often offers relevant work experience. The email states that as of 2014, 92 percent of graduating students had a job or were attending graduate school a year after graduation, and of those students that were employed 87 percent were in the field of their choice.