Bronze Bob creates new tradition at RMU


On April 21, Robert Morris University welcomed a new addition to its community: Bronze Bob.

The ceremony revealing the bronze statue donated by the Class of 2013 took place beside the Nicholson fire pit.

During the ceremony, President Dell’Omo spoke about how he hopes the statue will bring more tradition to the university.

“Bronze Bob is an important statue for several reason. First, it’s an acknowledgment of the great contribution made by Robert Morris, one of the founding fathers of this great country. Also, we hope this statue will become part of a new tradition. Tradition is one of the things that make a university experience so memorable,” Dell’Omo said. “This statue is a symbol of student engagement, and giving back to the community.”

Along with President Dell’Omo, Kyle Fisher, the Vice President of Public Relations and Alumni Relations at RMU, also had the same thoughts.

“In a way, he symbolizes what RMU stands for: practical, business sense, but yet giving back to the community. It’s not only about being smart, it’s about caring and giving back to the community, which I think a lot of Robert Morris students stand for,” said Fisher.

Along with symbolizing RMU students and creating tradition, the Bronze Bob statue now brings an “official landmark” to Robert Morris’ campus, like many other schools have created.

“Many of us have been to campus’ that have their own landmarks to take pictures with, but we needed something here at RMU and the President always wished for a statue of our namesake Robert Morris,” said Fisher.

Alan Buehler and twelve others from the Class of 2013 were the minds behind the statue.

Every year, the graduating class from RMU raises money and donates a gift to Robert Morris’ campus. In the past, classes have donated things such as the memorial gardens by Massey Hall, the signs around campus, the garden between Franklin and Hale Hall, and now Bronze Bob.

“Twelve others and I from the class of 2013 got together and we decided we wanted something that was really unique to campus and that has never been done before, something that students can interact with, and something that starts a tradition,” said Buehler. “President Dell’Omo actually had the idea of putting the statue onto a bench to have a little fun with it.”

From the fall of 2012 to spring of 2013, the class raised money for the statue with a goal of $5,000, but succeeded that amount by raising $9,214. The difference between the money raised and the total amount of the statue was taken care of fellow professors Ellen, Sidney and Jeff Zonn.

Students at the ceremony were happy that they could be a part of the unveiling.

“I think the statue will bring students closer together. It’s definitely a good addition to Robert Morris’ campus,” said Michael Cotugno.

To close the ceremony, Dell’Omo spoke again about Robert Morris and his part in the founding of America, and how the Bronze Bob statue really does symbolize RMU students.

“We strive to inspire our students to change the lives of others, just as Robert Morris changed the lives of this great nation,” said Dell’Omo.

Bronze Bob sits along the walkway between the Franklin and Hale centers.