Campus Chapel celebrates 15th anniversary


Photo credit: Paul Wintruba

Morgan Nagle

“In a fast paced ever changing world, it is important to have a place on campus dedicated for meditation/contemplation and worship,” said RMU’s Campus Minister, Gary M. Slifkey, during an email interview in regards to the importance of having access to a campus chapel.

RMU’s Rogal Chapel celebrated its 15-year anniversary on Sept. 26, by spreading religion and fun to all who attended by providing its attendees with a prayer, playing games and providing pizza.

Along with the activities, Slifkey said that everyone walked away from the event with a “special prayer book” for them to always remember the event.

The Rogal Chapel is a non-denominational chapel available to all, and they want all students to know that no matter what background you hold, the doors are open to all students. Whether you find interest in structured worship or more of an unstructured worship or private prayer, the chapel provides all services for all students, administration, faculty and staff’s needs.

The chapel stands on a large hill between John Jay Center and the Hale Center and has a large stained-glass window that overlooks the Nicholson Center, Patrick Henry Center and the rest of campus. Slifkey hopes that due to the chapel sitting on the highest point of campus, students will see it and find interest in the chapel.

Rogal Chapel’s year-round activities include Bible studies, small faith groups, prayer experiences and many others. The activities range from faith-related activities to service and social projects.

The Rev. Craig Giles said in a letter addressed to students on the Campus Ministry Association’s page, “Please know we are here for you, to challenge you and to encourage you throughout your time at RMU. College is certainly a time of transformation and renewal.”

“I see the chapel as a great gift to RMU that helps students form community and fellowship during their time on campus,” said Slifkey.

You can find a full list of the campus ministry programs and find any upcoming events held within the church programs at, or visit the chapel during their hours of 7 a.m to 11 p.m.