Vacant, condemned home collapses in Perry North


Photo Credit: (MGN Online)

Gage Goulding, News Editor

PITTSBURGH — A home that was condemned over a year ago has collapsed.

No one was injured when the home located on Semicir Street in Perry North collapsed Feb. 22. Officials within the city of Pittsburgh said in a statement that the home was condemned last year and was vacant.

The home was to be demolished, but officials say the hillside the house is located on is insecure and was unsafe for contractors to work.

“Demolishing it also could have further eroded the hillside, endangering other structures on the street,” said the city in a statement.

Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure announced that engineers have gathered geotechnical borings on Semicir Street in order to help retain the hillside.

Officials hope to have retention plans drafted within three months in order for crews to begin work.

The house will remain collapsed until it can be safely removed.