Construction Changes Continue on Campus

Alyssa Bishop, Contributor

Over the summer, Robert Morris University has had a few facelifts to familiar structures around the campus community.

In the beginning of June, the Island Sports Center faced unexpected damages to the golf dome when a microburst caused by a storm with severe winds caused a panel on the dome to rip and then collapse. Fortunately, employees were able to evacuate everyone in the building and no injuries were reported after the incident. However, the dome and the inside building were not so lucky. The dome was repaired and then installed, which took about a week. As of right now, the dome still has repairs to be done, including water damage and the lighting fixtures.

Jonathan Potts, RMU’s senior director of public relations, stated that a few changes will be made regarding safety: “Currently, we are reviewing safety aspects of the dome, such as making exits clearly marked and making sure that all employees are trained properly in case an evacuation is needed. We are also deciding on whether or not we will be doing any more overnight activities like we have in the past due to these safety issues.”

When asked about the financial side of all of the repairs, Potts replied, “All of the repairs that we have done are covered completely by insurance.”  As of right now, there is no set date for the reopening of the dome.

The Alumni Commons Gazebo, first constructed in 1987, was taken down just a few weeks ago due to structural deficiencies, and reconstruction quickly followed. RMU Campus Facilities had been noticing these problems for a few years, according to Bill Joyce, director of planning and design on going project.

“We are still in the process of building the gazebo and we expect it to be done within the next week or two,” he stated.