Creativity at Work a success yet again

On Thursday, Robert Morris University hosted its annual Creativity at Work Conference. The conference is designed to set students up with networking and interactive conversation with professionals from careers in the fields of Communication, English, and Media Arts.

The event started at 8 AM and ran through noon.  Students first registered and received a complimentary breakfast, followed by a short welcoming by Beth Miller, assistant director of the RMU Career Center.

This was followed by an opening session in which students could choose to attend one of the two presentations, “How to Find an Internship” and “Strategies for the Full-time Job Search & Workplace Success”.

Once the opening sessions concluded, students could then attend two of the four panel discussions. The four available were “Advertising and Public Relations”, “Design and Multimedia”, “TV, Video Production and Film”, and “Creative Careers Potpourri”.

“TV, Video Production and Film” panel featured well known speakers, such as WTAE-TV’s Andrew Stockey, who anchors news and is the sports director. Molly Born, a Staff Writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette spoke to students in the “Creative Careers Potpourri” panel.

The event was wrapped up with a networking segment, where students had the chance to talk one on one with the various speakers of the panels.

It was estimated by Miller that over 100 students attended that conference, right on average of most years.

“I just want to thank all the students for coming, there’s a lot of hard work that goes into this and we just appreciate everyone being here,” said Miller. “Also, a huge thank you to the staff and faculty to the sponsoring departments and school. We would never have over 100 students at an event like this if it weren’t for the faculty promoting it.”

Chelsey Wassel, a junior graphic design major, thought the conference was “really informational overall” and said that the speakers were helpful.

“They were like well here is my number, here is my card. If you ever need anything, things like that was really nice,” she said. “Just like extra tips.”