Electoral votes for the Mountain time zone


Photo credit: Audrey Miller

The electoral votes are in for the expected winner of each state in the Mountain time zone. Changes are also taking place in other time zones across America. 


Trump is expected to take:

Idaho- 4

Wyoming- 3

Utah- 6

Arizona- 11

Montana- 3


Clinton is expected to take:

New Mexico- 5

Colorado- 9



For a general update, in Pennsylvania, Katie McGinty is up by 56% to 40%. She is leading by about 200,000 votes according to Associated Press

If Trump wins Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, he is almost guaranteed as the next president. He is winning by 2% in Florida, 3% in North Carolina. Clinton only has a .5%.  It is a narrow race at the moment. 

For more updates on the 2016 Presidential Election, visit the Pennsylvania Department of State and the Allegheny Election Bureau.