Esports Club to Host VR – iRacing 3D Experience on Saturday


Photo Credits: Colonial Esports CLub

On Saturday, Feb. 26, the Colonial Esports Club is hosting a VR – iRacing event at their Esports room in the North Athletic Complex from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.

This opportunity will allow students to meet the coaches and captains of the Esports team and try out the equipment.

“The VR – iRacing event is an RMU Esports open house where RMU students, local high school students, future recruits and our own student-athletes can try out virtual reality racing,” Esports head coach CJ Bakaj said.

The event’s goal is to get individuals to experience gaming through virtual reality and interest them in joining the club.

“This event can serve as a jumping-off point for someone who may have been hesitant to try out esports,” Bakaj said. “Getting a chance to chat one-on-one with staff and our student-athletes will give first-hand experience into what the program has to offer.”

While many students may be reluctant to join the Esports club, Bakaj expressed that the skill level of an individual does not matter.

“In-game rank is something that we don’t care too much about,” Bakaj said. “When we put together our teams, we do so by measuring chemistry and attitude first and foremost. A team with good chemistry and a positive attitude can beat a team of a higher rank 9 out of 10 times.”

Over the years, the Esports program has grown exponentially and features a state-of-the-art room on the second floor of the North Athletic Complex.

“It’s a homegrown program that started as a student club in 2016 and has grown to be the second-largest club sport on campus with over 200 members and an active alumni community,” Bakaj said.

Along with meeting the coaches and testing out the equipment, there will also be free food at the event.