Family weekend kicks off with 8th annual Oktoberfest

Morgan Torchia

Despite the weather going from as cold as winter to as warm as summer over the past couple weeks, Robert Morris University still kept the fall spirit alive with their annual Oktoberfest.

This is the eighth year Robert Morris has held the Oktoberfest. This year, the event was also the kickoff to parents weekend. Taking place this past Friday in the Sewall Center, the event was ran by Student Life.

Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development John Locke was very excited with how the event came together.

“Oktoberfest is one of our most celebrated, fun fall traditions,” Locke said. “It’s a really good time to get together and enjoy authentic wonderful food and have a couple of beers together and celebrate the beautiful time of year.”

A students walked in and were welcomed by a buffet of German food ranging from wurst no lol its just wurst and strudel all the way to chicken fingers. Students over the age of twenty one were also permitted to have beer with their food.

“It’s a fantastic way to program around this idea of responsible drinking,” Locke said. “To get away from this idea of binge drinking.”

Locke also explained the idea of Oktoberfest came from not only himself, but former president Gregory Dell’Omo, who wanted to give older students a chance to have responsible fun with other students and faculty.

“We’re in the business of making memories,” Locke said. “And I think we do that at Oktoberfest every year.”

Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Life John Michalanko was also present at the event making sure everyone was having a great time.

“(Oktoberfest) kicks off family weekend so we have a lot of families here,” Michalanko said. “It takes us into the weekend for the big football game.”

Michalanko also explained the importance of students coming out to these events and learning new cultures.

“It’s always great to have traditions and celebrations,” he said. “I think the global perspective is important.”

He also added that his favorite part to look forward too is the authentic music played by the Robert Morris band and the chance to try different food.

Many class officers came out to support the event as well. Merritt Donoghue, class of 2017 president, Matthew Corkey, class of 2016 president, and Bill Scott, class of 2016 vice president, were thrilled with how the event turned out and how much fun the students and families were having.

“Once we leave school there’s gonna be so many cultures out there,” Donoghue said. “This is just a little taste of the exposure that we can get.”