FYSP mentors get pied to raise money

Kristen Kudla

Delaney Hassell, Staff Reporter

There was whipped cream everywhere at the gazebo Thursday, where the Robert Morris FYSP mentors raised money for the Student Emergency Fund from 5-7 p.m. The Student Emergency Fund collects money for students that have gone through a traumatic experience or unforeseeable events.

With the success from the previous groups, the FYSP mentors decided to borrow the idea of getting pied in the face from some of the other clubs. By paying one dollar, anyone could get a plate full of whipped cream to throw at an FYSP mentor or on some occasions, an innocent bystander.

Like many other students, Anastasia Novodran, sophomore FYSP mentor, never expected to need the student emergency fund.

“I was actually helped out a lot with the Student Emergency Fund last year. My father passed away unexpectedly second semester over spring break. And I actually got a loan and a scholarship through the Student Emergency Fund,” said Novodran.

With a lot more participants than the mentors expected, the event was a major hit. Mentors pied each other, students pied mentors and overall because a success for the group.

Junior FYSP mentor Hunter Carlheim, was both a pie-er and a pie-ee at the event.

“First thing I did when I got here, one of my mentees from last year pied me so I got to pie her again,” said Carlheim.

Carlheim also believed that the beneficiary for the event was a great choice.

“We are here to help freshman, obviously that’s our job, and helping all of the students is something that all of the mentors strive for,” said Carlheim.

With all of the excitement around the gazebo, the event was a success for the cause. Donations for the Student Emergency Fund are always accepted at https://alumni.rmu.edu/pages/donation-forms/donation-form/student-emergency-fund.