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Hypnotic Evening

Renowned Hypnotist Bob Hein after his friday night show

RMU students filed into the Nicholson food court this last friday, Oct 12, to witness the abilities of renowned hypnotist Bob Hein. A Pennsylvania native, graduate of Duquesne University, and cofounder of the hypnotism union,  Hein has spent the last 43 years entertaining and astounding audiences. Ever since seeing a hypnotist preform during one of his college classes, Hein has held an interest in hypnosis.

“I said at the time I was either going to become a ventriloquist, a judo expert, or a hypnotist” Hein stated in reference to his college era aspirations. Unfortunately, a winter back injury preventer him from attending his starting judo class.

Hein’s show began with a few short tests the audience preformed on themselves in order to determine if they  to hypnosis.

After identifying those in the audience likely to be spectacle to hypnosis, Hein called his chosen group up to a line of chairs facing the audience. Hein then proceeded to send his line of volunteers into a relaxed, sleep like state. From there, they are coaxed into a light trance . Hypnotic states are most commonly classified as light, medium, deep, and somnambulist.

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“Somnambulist is like a walking zombie” Hein said, “they’ll do anything under hypnosis” The somnambulist state however, is the most difficult to achieve, and not everyone reacts to hypnotism in a way that allows them to reach it.

While he had his subjects under, he had them react to different mental movies, pet a nonexistent cat,dance on a television show, and play musical instruments at a concert audition. All of this wile seated with their eyes closed in front of the audience. Hein was also able to make  two girls to believe that members of the audience were their favorite movie stars, even going as far as giving the hypnotized fans a chance to interview the audience members.

Hein’s Friday night show was well received by all students in attendance for the third consecutive year in a row. While hypnotism will likely remain a mystery to us for many years to come, it will always astound and entertain those who are willing to accept its validity.

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