Meet RN Victoria Graham of UPMC [email protected]


Image courtesy of Pexels.

Raistlyn Lehman

When it comes to nursing, consider it second nature to Victoria Graham, registered nurse at the UPMC [email protected] Robert Morris University Student Health Center. Although this is her first year here at RMU, Graham explained that her history as a nurse began with St. Margarets School of Nursing in the early 1970s.

“I got my registered nurse, my diploma nursing degree from St. Margarets School of Nursing years ago… I went back and I got my masters degree at the University of Pittsburgh Nursing School. I enrolled in their RN to MSN program,” said Graham.

Prior to coming to RMU, Graham had experience in student, surgical and office nursing; as well as knowledge in acute care, cardiac and neuro health. Graham also taught at Diploma Nursing School at Heritage Valley Sewickley and most recently she worked UPMC Mercy Psychiatric Emergency Room.

“Perhaps you call me a generalist, but I have a sound background in, I think, the important specialities,” said Graham.

Even though Graham has only been at RMU since the last week of August, she quickly realized one of the perks about being at the clinic.

“My favorite part about this job here at My School of Health, UPMC My School of Health at Robert Morris University is the opportunity to work with the student population,” said Graham. “There’s various times through my nursing practice I attempted to work with a younger population and most of my experience is with the adult population so finally I have the opportunity to work with students at a younger population.”

Graham also stated that her goal for going back to nursing school was to help healthy people keep and improve their health through nursing education. A current goal for Graham’s is to help make student trips to the health center as convenient as possible.

“We address their (the students) immediate concerns but long-range we hope we are a trusting environment where the students can come for questions about their health and how to improve their health,” said Graham.

On her favorite part about RMU, Graham enjoys how close it is to home. She commented on the joy of driving past the Ohio river and up the hill to the RMU campus every morning.

“It’s just a beautiful campus… That’s one of the things is just to be present on this campus,” said Graham.

If a student falls ill or is injured and needs to take a trip to the Student Health Center, Graham can be found in the building between 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. For all major illness or injuries, students should come between the hours of 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. since that is when the clinic has contact with the providers. Visit the Student Health Services website for more information.