Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman win PA races


Hannah Shiflett, Reporter

In a tight race, Democrats dominated with two wins in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Josh Shapiro has won the governor’s race, beating out Republican Doug Mastriano with a 686,289 vote difference. John Fetterman has beat Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz in the senate race with a vote difference of 166,846. Both democrats were announced as the winners according to the Associated Press.

With the democrats winning, many Pennsylvanians are seeking to know what these newly elected politicians will do. As a result, here are some things that the new Governor, Josh Shapiro, and Senator John Fetterman plan to do.

Governor Josh Shapiro:

Pennsylvanians may be familiar with Josh Shapiro as he served as Attorney General under Gov. Tom Wolf. Shapiro has been an attorney since 2017 when he was elected into the seat. The Governor had been at the center of attention in 2020 when the election and votes were called into question. As Governor, Shapiro holds plans to tackle issues that are affecting the state and has ambitious goals to move PA forward.

All of Governor Josh Shapiro’s plans can be found here at this link where he explains what he plans to do for Pennsylvania. These plans include abortion access, inequality, creating jobs, criminal justice and safety, disability rights, education, healthcare, LGBTQ+ Rights, standing up for rural communities, and caring for the elderly.

There are also other issues that Josh Shapiro plans to tackle.

Voting Rights

Since the attack on the US Capital on January 6, 2021, the idea to overturn an election has been at the forefront of Pennsylvania attacks. Pennsylvania has received multiple lawsuits and investigations into the election which all came back with zero interference.

As a result of the increasing questions regarding the integrity of elections. Governor Shapiro plans to “appoint a pro-democracy Secretary of State to run our elections, expand pre-registration opportunities for young people, and implement same-day voter registration through Election Day.”

Workers’ Rights

Gov. Shapiro has stated his support for unions and plans on tackling companies that seek to prevent unionization and protect unions that have already been formed. The governor has added that he plans to “veto any legislation that seeks to make Pennsylvania a right-to-work state.”

Cutting Costs

With inflation and gas prices high in the state of Pennsylvania. Governor Josh Shapiro plans to issue a “gas tax refund of $250 for every personal passenger vehicle registered in the Commonwealth, up to four per household (or $1,000)” As well as end the cell phone tax and “lower household costs by expanding the Property Tax and Rent Rebate program.”

The Economy

Governor Josh Shapiro plans to invest in clean energy to get Pennsylvania to be Net-zero by 2050. In doing so, he plans to create thousands of jobs and unions across the state by investing in infrastructure and technology. Gov. Shapiro plans to develop “innovation hubs” which will involve the usage of science and technology. The governor believes that the creation of technology-based industries will help to move Pennsylvania into a new era. Gov. Shapiro also understands the importance of small businesses. He plans to “establish a 25-50 program to help small businesses grow and scale from 25 employees to 50, and beyond. The program will provide specific resources for small businesses to open new locations, buy updated equipment, launch new products for online sales, and expand their customer base.”

Senator John Fetterman:

Many of the issues that Senator John Fetterman plans to do is similar to Governor Josh Shapiro. However, instead of taking these issues on a state level, Sen. Fetterman plans to take them nationwide.

Safeguarding Our Democracy

Sen. John Fetterman plans to expand voting rights, remove “big money out of politics and prevent politicians from picking their voters through partisan gerrymandering.” The senator also wants to ban members of congress from holding or trading stocks.

Supporting Workers

The newly elected Senator has a lot of plans for the country which include Pennsylvania. For workers and unions, Sen. Fetterman plans to support the PRO Act, and raise the minimum wage to $15/hour.

The Economy

Senator John Fetterman is set to support legislation that “combats high gas prices, invests in upgrading infrastructure, and responsibility transitions us to cleaner energy sources.” In the Senate, Fetterman plans to support rural communities by gaining farmers the right to repair their equipment and stop Big Ag. He also plans to fix the critical infrastructure and expand the Internet into the areas.

There is also a multitude of other issues that Senator John Fetterman plans to do. Some of these include veterans, seniors, justice reform, immigration, reproductive freedom, healthcare, cannabis, LGBTQ+ rights, crime and global leadership. All of this information can be found here.