New and improved library a hit among students


Paul Wintruba

The library underwent a complete renovation over winter break to make it more attractive to students.

Among the compliments of spacious, modern and visually pleasing, the new RMU library received almost unanimous approval by students.

The new setup is more than just a minor remodeling. Upon entering, not a single part of the library is reminiscent of the former one, with brand new tables, reception desks and an innovative bar type seating area featuring brand new Apple laptops replacing the older tables and desks.

As students venture forward, what was an awkward configuration of offices, tables and book shelves is now separated into two rooms, split by a hallway lined with comfortable seating and small tables. The room to the left contains the book shelves and tables from the former layout, but with new Macs on them. The room on the right is spacious and filled with a combination of the hallway’s comfortable chairs and more modern tables.

The reactions from students were priceless: shock, awe and excitement filled their faces as their minds raced to grasp the volume of the changes.

The changes left sophomore nursing student Courtney Schratz speechless. “I can’t believe they turned this space into something extraordinary like this library,” she said.

Students raved over both the increased sense of space and organization of the three rooms, with the walls acting as barriers to keep sound out while students work.

RMU student Sachin Natarajan made the point that these improvements increase the outside appeal of perspective students looking at the university.

“I didn’t even recognize this room,” he said. “I think one of the things RMU has been working on to attract students is some of the buildings are getting a little older so they are putting in new buildings and revamping old ones. Little things kind of just get you, so I think this is one of those things. Once you see yourself being there, it kind of attaches you to that college.”

So how does the new library impact the current RMU student who is looking for a place to relax and study?

Both Natarajan and Schratz agreed they’d be spending more time this semester in the library, due to its spread out layout and the peacefulness of the setting. The theme of the building alone is relaxing.

It appears the university may have one problem though, as many students are excited over the renovations. The question remains of how will it hold up if occupancy reaches its maximum? If this is the biggest problem the university encounters, they can give themselves a pat on the back.