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NASA Releases Highly Anticipated UFO Report

Department of Defense

NASA has released findings they collected in their long-anticipated UFO report. For those who were hoping for the report to divulge secrets about extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth, you may be disappointed.

The genesis of the report came when NASA decided to commission an independent panel of 16 science experts to examine data related to the subject. The panel was commissioned in June 2022 and has spent the past year collecting data and formulating the report.

The report said there’s no concrete evidence that UAPs/UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin and that many incidents can be explained as weather balloons and drones. NASA is, however, continuing its search for signs of intelligent life as a means to answer one of the human race’s greatest mysteries.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson declared, “If you ask me, I do believe there’s life in a universe that is so vast that it’s hard for me to comprehend how big it is, my personal answer is yes.” Other NASA scientists also contend that the likelihood of life on other planets, like Earth, is extremely high.

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The report stated that new scientific techniques are needed to further study UFOs and that the stigma surrounding the subject needs to be removed. NASA believes that their involvement in the subject will help to do that.

“We want to shift the conversation from sensationalism to science,” Nelson said.

NASA stressed the need for the creation of a system that civilians can use to report UAPs. The report reads, “We recommend that NASA explore the viability of developing or acquiring a crowdsourcing system, such as open-source smartphone-based apps to gather imaging data and other smartphone sensor data from multiple citizen observers as part of a wider effort to more systematically gather public UAP reports.”

NASA has appointed a Director of UAP Research to keep the investigation ongoing. The organization initially denied disclosing the identity of the new director but later revealed the individual selected as Mark McInerney, who previously worked as a liaison between NASA and the Department of Defense.

No classified files were accessed by the panel which will likely lead to those with a conspiratorial mind crying foul regarding the report’s results. The report was made solely based on data that has already been declassified.

“The top takeaway from this study is that there is a lot more to learn, we don’t know what these UAPs are. While today is a significant step for NASA, it’s not our final step. Whatever we find we will tell you.” Administrator Nelson told reporters.

The report comes amid a time of increasing mainstream acceptance of UAPs/UFOs after the subject was ridiculed as delusion for decades. Bipartisan pressure has been mounting on the government and military to release more information regarding UAPs.

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