New fraternity strives to expand RMU Greek Life


The newest name in Greek Life at Robert Morris University isn’t actually new, though no current student would recognize it.

Delta Tau Delta, which was founded in 1858 at Bethany College, is making its return to campus after a 20 year absence.

Delta Tau Delta brings much to the table that might not be expected from a fraternity. For one, they dislike the term “frat”. Founder Mike Smith explained that while the essence of their fraternity is “brotherhood, being humble and involved, maintaining academics and becoming best friends for life,” while the term frats yields ideas like “animal house, alcohol, drugs, [and] objectifying women.”

They also take a different role for members.

While some fraternities function as a central hub for every aspect of student’s lives, Delta Tau Delta focuses on supporting member’s personal goals, and encourages members to put those priorities first.

By standing in stark contrast to the general expectation of a fraternity, Delta Tau Delta is establishing itself as the fraternity for people who would not join a fraternity. Smith tells a story from a chapter meeting where he asked who in the room thought they would be Greek in college. Not one person raised their hand.

Smith summarized Delta Tau Delta as “trying to have the brotherhood experience without stereotypes.”
Those interested can contact recruitment director Vince Russo at [email protected]