New pasta bar adds more variety to food court


Paul Wintruba

New pasta station in the Nicholson food court.

As many noticed upon their return to campus this semester, the Nicholson Center Food Court has a new pasta bar station, offering a broader variety of food choices for students.

A pasta bar filled with a variety of different noodles, sauces, cheeses and loads of other toppings has been added right next to the pizza oven where Wrap it Up used to be.

Contrary to initial panic, Wrap it Up was not removed, it has simply been relocated next to the grill.

The pasta station consists of three steps.

First, students select their sauce, which ranges from meat sauce to Alfredo. Then, comes the choice of the type of pasta from what is being offered that day in particular. Lastly, the type of cheese and other toppings are chosen to make the dish complete.

As far as toppings go, there are many options such as the traditional parmesan or garlic, but choices go beyond the basics. With all of these options, students can create their own idea of the perfect pasta dish with room to switch it up.

Students seem to be enjoying the new pasta station as at most meal times there are long lines waiting to be served.

“I really liked it. I think it’s a filling dish with a variety of ingredients to meet your desired taste,” said freshman Mike Cotugno.