Pennsylvania ranked with third-highest tax rate in the nation



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John Blinn, Assistant News Editor

PITTSBURGH — It is said that there are three certainties in life, death and taxes.

A recent WalletHub study shows which states across the nation have the lowest and highest rates of one of these certainties.

With the year’s tax-filing deadline of April 15 inching closer and closer, one may be wondering where to catch a break.

The WalletHub study looks at all 50 states, and the District of Columbia, to compare the tax rate amongst them all.


Illinois was marked with the highest tax rate in the nation and the list goes as follows:

1. Illinois (14.90%)

2. Connecticut (14.41%)

3. Pennsylvania (13.78%)

4. New York (13.74%)

5. Nebraska (13.37%)

WalletHub calculated the relative income tax by applying the effective income tax from each state and locality to the median American’s income.

Source: WalletHub

This process revealed bad news for Pennsylvania. According to the study, Pennsylvania has the third-highest tax rate in the nation.

Pennsylvania’s effective total state and local tax rate on the median U.S. household came in at a whopping 13.78 percent. The study also showed that Pennsylvania takes approximately $8,004 in taxes with this percentage.

On the other end of the spectrum, Alaska had the lowest tax rate in the nation with 5.70 percent tax rate.

The best states for taxes in the nation were as listed:

1. Alaska (5.70%)

2. Deleware (6.14%)

3. Montana (7.07%)

4. Wyoming (8.05%)

5. Nevada (8.20%)

Pennsylvania was also listed to have the highest tax rate for gas in the nation.