Pie your FYSP mentor has sweet results


Photo credit: Morgan Torchia

Once a semester, freshmen students are given the opportunity to exact revenge on their First Year Studies mentors in a charitable and positively sweet way. The Pie your FYSP mentor event has become a traditional milestone marking of the end of the 8 week course.

For only a dollar, students are given a plate full of whipped cream and the choice of which mentor is going to receive a pie to the face by their hand. In recent years, this event has always been successful among students.

While this is fun for both mentors and mentees, knowing that every dollar raised is put back towards the students in case of an emergency is what makes this event so special.

All proceeds donated are put towards the Student Emergency Fund established here at Robert Morris University. The fund supports students of RMU in case of an emergency or personal crisis back home in which they need money to get home, the Student Emergency Fund raises money for them to be able to do so.

The fund also supports students in case they have a relative pass away, or cannot afford books, assisting them with what they need for school or for life.

“I think it’s great because it allows the students to bond with their mentor and have fun and support a good cause,” said FYSP mentor Vince Passerini.

Many of the freshmen students who came to support their mentors were also incredibly appreciative of what their mentors were raising the money for.

“They do a lot for us already as it is being our mentors and helping us adjust to our first year at college so for them to be willing to take a pie to the face to raise money for us is really nice,” said Sierra Meyer, a freshman FYSP mentee.

“At a dollar a pie, you’ve got to get a good amount of people here. I think we raised over $100 dollars last year,” FYSP mentor Ryan Gracey said, “which was pretty good to just show up and throw a pie at somebody.”

Expanding on their student and donation success last year, the FYSP mentors managed to raise a total of $261 this semester. With such a successful and positive response from the students it’s no wonder the Pie Your Mentor event continues to make the calendar for each school year.