Pittsburgh Brewing Company reaches out to students for new logo

The Pittsburgh Brewing Company (PBC) is rereleasing Olde Frothingslosh, a beer from the 1950s, and has asked media arts students from around the area to create the new logo for a cash prize.

According to Sir Teddy Scullin, a writer for Beer Cans and Brewery Collectibles magazine, the ale first became famous in 1954 through fictional commercials found on KDKA-AM, a Pittsburgh radio station, during Rege Cordic’s show.

“The fictional commercials were such a hit that calls started pouring into KDKA from people wanting to know where they could buy the stuff. But it was not only the radio station whose phone lines were buzzing. Folks were also calling the PBC to ask about availability. This soon caught the eye of PBC’s president S.E. Cowell,” Scullin said.

Cowell called Cordic and bottled the beer under the name Olde Frothingslosh.

According to their website, PBC is “reformulating and refreshing” Olde Frothingslosh and wanted to give back to the Pittsburgh by inviting local universities with media arts departments to participate in this logo contest.

The Department Head and Associate Professor of Media Arts Jon Radermacher received an email  on Aug. 22, announcing the contest. He forwarded the email to RMU media arts students, inviting them to participate.

Radermacher knew of two that were planning on working on a piece to enter in the contest, but does not know for sure if they went through with the plans.

Dominic Janidas, a public relations specialist working with PBC, hopes to get submissions from 50 to 75 students, but will not know how many students are planning on submitting their projects until Sept. 15 when the logo entries are due.

After the pieces are sent in, according to the guidelines sheet, “a panel of judges, marketing personnel from PBC, will choose a winner immediately following the close of the contest. The winner will be chosen solely on the basis of marketing appeal and consistency with the PBC marketing plan, in the sole discretion of the judges.”

The winning Olde Frothingslosh design will be released on Nov. 1 on cans, bottles, cases, etc.

Free Olde Frothingslosh for a year will also be awarded to the winner of this contest along with $1,000, a private tasting tour of the brewery, free Olde Frothingslosh merchandise, and a free bar tab for five, limited to $200.