Pittsburgh named one of the best cities to celebrate Easter


Photo Credit: (MGN Online)

John Blinn, News Editor

PITTSBURGH- With spring temperatures kicking in and store aisles filling with chocolate and jellybeans, WalletHub looks at the best places to celebrate Easter in 2019.

Due to the various meanings of the holiday, WalletHub weighed both religious and commercial factors when deciding which cities were best for Easter celebrations.

The study compared 100 cities to 12 metrics that the company believed best defined an ideal Easter celebration. A couple of these metrics were the number of egg-hunt events per capita and the share of the Christian population.

According to WalletHub, the top five cities with the most Easter spirit and their respective overall score were listed as follows:

1. New York, NY (65.31)

2. Chicago, IL (59.04)

3. Los Angeles, CA (56.25)

4. Cincinnati, OH (56.07)

5. St. Louis, MO (55.21)

Pittsburgh was ranked sixth overall on the list with a total score of 54.99. The Steel City was ranked third under the “Easter Observers” category.

The worst cities to celebrate were:

1. Hialeah, FL (25.41)

2. Garland, TX (28.17)

3. North Las Vegas, NV (28.52)

4. Aurora, CO (28.80)

5. Glendale, AZ (28.99)


Along with the study, WalletHub released other interesting information about the holiday. According to WalletHub, this year, Americans will spend a total of $18.1 billion on Easter-related expenditures.

These expenditures include up approximately 91 million chocolate bunnies and 16 billion jellybeans.

To see all of the facts and the full list, visit WalletHub.com.