Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey to sign Declaration Disaster for Fern Hollow Bridge


Megan Shandel

Frick Park will be closed until the Fern Hollow Bridge scene is secure. (Photo Credit RMU Sentry Media Megan Shandel)

PITTSBURGH — On Sunday afternoon, the city of Pittsburgh announced that mayor Ed Gainey will sign a Declaration of Disaster Emergency for the Fern Hollow Bridge collapse that occurred on Friday.

The declaration will increase the availability of federal funds, facilitate closer coordination between PennDOT and the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure. It will also help with the cleanup and the reconstruction of the bridge.

Mayor Gainey has already contacted the Pittsburgh City Council to extend the declaration.

Along with the declaration, the city has also become a party to the National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation. This will allow the city of Pittsburgh and departments to share information with the NTSB to support their investigation and receive information from the NTSB to improve safety.

President Joe Biden was in town on Friday to discuss his infrastructure bill when the bridge collapsed.

Gainey talked about the Fern Hollow Bridge’s collapse and how it serves as a reminder of the condition that our bridges are in.

He said, “The Fern Hollow Bridge collapse is a painful reminder of the condition of our bridges and a call to action to address our aging infrastructure,” said Mayor Gainey. “As the City of Bridges, we know how critical our infrastructure is to working families. They are the connectors to jobs, to schools, to childcare, and more. As Mayor, I want the people of Pittsburgh to know that I will be working tirelessly to secure additional funding for our infrastructure needs. With the support of our county, state, and federal partners, we will build back better,” said Gainey.

Frick park will remain closed until the bridge collapse site is fully secured and the city urges residents to not enter the park as it remains a hazardous site.