Police Blotter: 03/16/2022-03/21/2022


Alexa Headley

Photo Credit: (RMU Sentry Media/Alexa Headley)

Evelyn Luthringer, Multimedia Editor

03/16/22: Medical Emergency: A football coach and trainer reported a medical emergency in Washington Hall. Officers responded and medics transported the student to the hospital. The case is closed.


03/17/22: Property Damage (misc. item(s)): Students reported damage to their television possibly by RMU Maintenance in Salem Hall. Voluntary statements were completed. RMU Facilities was notified about this incident. This case is closed.


03/17/22: Trespass Warning: Residence Life requested Officer assistance with removing an unregistered guest for squatting in Salem Hall. The visitor was identified and given a Trespass Warning. Officers escorted them out of the building. The case is closed.


03/18/22: Fire Alarm-Smoke Detector Activated: Guardian Protection reported a fire alarm activation in Salem Hall. Officers responded and found the cause to be burnt fish sticks. RMU Maintenance was notified. The fire department was canceled. The panel was reset. This case is closed.


03/18/22: Medical Emergency: RMU Police were notified about a medical emergency at the Facilities Service Center. Officers responded and medics transported the employee to the hospital. The case is closed.


03/19/22: Maintenance Services Requested: RMU Police received a call from the Police Academy in the Jefferson Center reporting a toilet overflowing. Officers notified RMU Maintenance who responded and fixed the issue. This case is closed.


03/19/22: Departmental Information: RMU Island Sports Center Public Safety Officer received a report of a juvenile being verbally threatened during Public Skate. The victim completed a voluntary statement. This incident is under investigation. The case is pending.


03/20/22: Accident Involving Damage- Att. Veh/Prop: UPMC Events Center personal reported damage to the loading dock by a tractor trailer. RMU Police arrived on scene and identified the driver. Pictures of the damage were taken and added to the report for insurance purposes. This case is closed.


03/21/22: Property Damage (vehicle): An RMU Island Sports Center employee reported damage to their vehicle. RMU Detectives arrived on scene and located the vehicle. Pictures of the damage were taken and added to the report for insurance purposes. The case is pending.