Police Blotter 1/09/18-1/15/18


01/09/18 -Suspicious Incident- Officers were called to Scaife Hall for a suspicious item in one of the classrooms.  Officers found the item; a water bottle wrapped in tape, and determined that there was nothing of concern with it.  The item was removed from the classroom and disposed of by the officers.(closed)

1/09/18 -Departmental information- Officers provided an escort from the Nicholson Center to the Nicholson Center parking lot without incident. (closed)

1/10/18 -Property Damage-This department was advised of a minor accident in the John Jay parking lot.  All pertinent information was obtained and a report was issued for insurance purposes.(closed)

1/10/18 -Welfare Check- This department was requested to perform a welfare check on a student.  Officers located the student and put them in touch with the appropriate department.(closed)

1/18/18 -Departmental Information-While working a high school hockey game at the Island Sports Center a spectator needed to be removed from the rink.  The spectator was removed without incident.(closed)

1/12/18 -Suspicious Vehicle Check- Officer noticed an occupied vehicle in the Student Center lot.  Upon checking with the occupant, they were waiting on AAA. (closed)

1/13/18 -Accident- Maintenance bumped a parked vehicle while removing snow by Lexington Hall.  All necessary information was obtained, and a report was issued.(closed)

1/14/18 -Trouble Alarm- Guardian reported a trouble alarm in Washington Hall.  Maintenance was notified to check the alarm system. (closed)

1/14/18 -Trouble Alarm- Guardian reported a trouble alarm activated in Salem Hall.  The cause for the alarm was cooking by the residents.  Maintenance reset the alarm system.(closed

1/15/18 -Fire Alarm-While patrolling Yorktown Hall officers observed the fire panel showing an activation in room 401.  Officers checked the room and found the cause to be from a hair dryer.  The alarm system cleared itself.(closed)

1/15/18 -Disturbance- Residence Life reported a loud party in Washington Hall.  Officers responded and advised the occupants to conclude for the night.  All parties complied.(closed)

1/15/18 -Disabled Vehicle- Officers were notified of a disabled vehicle on Competition Drive.  A tow truck was needed to free the vehicle.  No damage was done to any property or the vehicle.(closed)

1/15/18 -Theft- A patron at the Island Sports Center reported money taken from them while playing hockey.  This incident is under investigation at this time.(closed)

1/15/18 -Student Conduct- Officers were called to Gallatin Hall for a smell of marijuana.  All parties involved were advised that they would be sent through Student Conduct for their actions.(closed)