Police Blotter 10/08/13 – 10/14/13


10/08/13 – Underage Drinking – This department was advised of a student intoxicated and vomiting in Hancock Hall.  Officers responded and had Valley Ambulance transport the student to Sewickley Valley Hospital for treatment.  A citation for underage drinking was issued. (Closed)

10/11/13 – Departmental Information – A CA was in the honors lounge and saw a bag of suspected marijuana and a pipe on a shelf.  Officers retrieved the items and it was found not to be marijuana but tobacco. (Closed)

10/11/13 – Underage Drinking – Residence life reported an intoxicated male wondering around Salem Hall.  Officers located the male student and cited him for underage drinking. (Closed)

10/12/13 – Underage Drinking – This department was advised of a possible underage party on the tenth floor of Yorktown Hall.  Ten students were cited for underage drinking and one was transported to Sewickley Hospital by Valley Ambulance. (Closed)

10/13/13 – Public Intoxication – While on patrol, an officer viewed a male and female walking in the Colonial Way Lot, and set something on the ground when they viewed the officer.  The item that was set down was an open can of beer.  During a pat down search, marijuana was found on the male.  The male was cited for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.  The female was cited for underage drinking. (Closed)

10/13/13 – Traffic Stop – An officer conducted a traffic stop on Massey Way for a stop sign violation.  During the stop, an occupant of the vehicle was found to be in possession of a marijuana cigarette.  The male student was cited for disorderly conduct for the possession of marijuana. (Closed)

10/14/13 – Fire Alarm – Guardian reported a fire alarm activated in Hancock Hall.  Upon officers arrival it was determined that a hair straightener was the cause for the alarm.  The alarm was reset and the residents were permitted back into the building. (Closed)

10/14/13 – Property Damage – While on patrol, an officer noticed parking gate #1 to the Colonial Way lot damaged.  A possible suspect was viewed on camera.  This incident is currently under investigation at this time. (Open)