Police Blotter 10/1/13 – 10/7/13


10/01/13 – Departmental Information A deer ran into unit 701 in the Colonial Way lot.  No damage was done to the vehicle and the deer was not injured. (Closed)

10/02/13 – Assist Another Agency – This department assisted Moon PD with a traffic stop on campus in the Sewall Center parking lot.  Officers assisted without incident. (Closed)

10/02/13 – Medical Emergency Officers were notified of a student in Yorktown Hall experiencing back spasms.  Valley Ambulance was notified and transported the student to Sewickley Valley Hospital for further treatment. (Closed)

10/02/13 – Student Conduct – A professor called and requested assistance with a student being disruptive in class.  Upon officers arrival the student had left the classroom.  The student was contacted and advised not to return to the classroom by request of the professor. (Closed)

10/02/13 – Underage Drinking – Residence Life reported an intoxicated male in Yorktown hall.  Upon officers arrival the student was in and out of consciousness and had vomited.  Valley Ambulance was contacted and transported the student to Sewickley Hospital for treatment.  One citation issued for Underage Drinking. (Closed)

10/03/13- Theft -A student reported their freedom card taken from a locker room in Joe Walton Stadium.  An investigation is underway at this time. (Closed)

10/04/13 – Accident – This department was advised of a vehicle stuck on the curb in the lower Massey parking lot.  A tow truck was called to remove the vehicle from the curb. (Closed)

10/04/13- Medical Emergency – A coach twisted his ankle while on the ice at the Island Sports Center.  Valley Ambulance responded and transported the patient to Allegheny General Hospital. (Closed)

10/04/13 -Lost Property -A student reported a white bag missing from their room in Salem Hall.  The cameras will be reviewed in an attempt to locate any person removing the item. (Closed)

10/05/13 – Fire Alarm – Moon PD advised of a fire alarm activated in Yorktown Hall.   Officers responded and found the cause of the alarm to be steam from a shower.  Officers reset the alarm. (Closed)

10/05/13 – Burglar Alarm – Guardian reported a burglar alarm activated in the Alumni House.  Officers responded and found maintenance inside.  Officers reset the alarm. (Closed)

10/05/13 – Departmental Information – Residence life requested assistance in removing a non-resident student from Salem Hall.  Officers assisted without incident. (Closed)

10/06/13 – Underage Drinking – Residence life reported a female student getting sick in Ross Hall.  Upon officers arrival two female were found to be under the influence of alcohol and both received citations. (Closed)

10/06/13 – Student Conduct – While patrolling Massey Way an officer could detect an odor of marijuana.  Three males were stopped and questioned, and one admitted to them smoking marijuana.  Officers found a cigar on the ground that tested positive for marijuana. All three males were cited for Disorderly Conduct. (Closed)

10/06/13 -Suspicious Person – Officers were advised of a suspicious male wondering around Yorktown Hall.  The male was gone from the property upon officer’s arrival. (Closed)

10/06/13 – Suspicious Person – This department was advised of a suspicious male trying to access Yorktown Hall.  Upon further investigation it was determined the male in question was a student and a resident of Yorktown Hall. (Closed)

10/07/13 – Harassment – A student came and wanted a report on file in reference to a harassment situation with another student.  The student did wish to pursue anything at this time, just wanted a record of the incident on file. (Closed)