Police Blotter 10/21/13 – 10/28/13


10/21/13 – Medical Emergency –  A patron at the ISC was injured during a hockey game and complaining of having trouble breathing.  Valley Ambulance was contacted and the patient was transported to Children’s Hospital for further treatment. (Closed)

10/21/13 – Missing Property –  A contractor working in the Jefferson Center reported a pair of scissors missing from his equipment. A report was written and the cameras will be reviewed in an attempt to locate the missing item. (Closed)

10/21/13 – Departmental Information – An employee at the ISC advised of a bottle of pills found at the front desk.  The bottle of pills appeared to be Nitro Glycerin and were taken and stored at the Barry Center. (Closed)

10/24/13 – Residence life reported a possible underage drinking party in Hancock Hall.  Officers responded and two students were cited for underage drinking. (Closed)

10/25/13 – Assist Another Agency – This department assisted Moon PD with an investigation pertaining to a student possibly involved in a theft off campus.  Officers assisted without incident. (Closed)

10/26/13 – Medical Emergency – This department was advised of a rugby player injured on the practice soccer field.  The player sustained injury to his left ankle and was transported to Sewickley Hospital by Valley Ambulance. (Closed)

10/27/13 – Medical Emergency – A patron at the ISC was injured during an inline hockey game dislocating their right knee.  The patient was transported and taken to Children’s Hospital by Valley Ambulance. (Closed)

10/27/13 – Fire Alarm – Moon dispatch advised of a fire alarm activated in Washington Hall.  Upon officers arrival it was determined that the cause for the alarm was burnt food.  The alarm was reset and officers cleared. (Closed)

10/28/13 – Accident – A student reported their vehicle damage while parked in the Colonial Way parking lot.  Pictures were taken of the damage and a report was issued for insurance purposes. (Closed)

10/28/13 – Departmental Information – An employee for the ISC found a fifty-dollar bill on the floor at the golf dome.  The bill was retrieved, placed in an envelope and entered into evidence until the owner claims it. (Closed)