Police Blotter 10/21/15-10/26/15 


10/21/15 – Found Property – Maintenance found a tablet left behind in Patrick Henry Center.  This department was able to contact the owner and advise them the item was at the Police Department. (Closed)

10/21/15 – Suspicious Incident – A student came in and reported a suspicious incident, possible harassment situation.  A report was taken and the other party involved was contacted and advised to have no further contact with the complainant. (Closed)

10/21/15 – Lost Property – A student reported their vape pen missing, and a possible suspect who might have taken it.  A report was written, and he suspect was questioned with negative results. (Closed)

10/21/15 – Trespass Warning – This department was advised of a person on the PNG list in a dorm.  Officers located this person and escorted them off campus. (Closed)

10/22/15 – Disorderly Conduct – This department was notified of a fight at Monroe Hall.  Both parties involved were cited for disorderly conduct, underage drinking, and public drunkenness. (Closed)

10/22/15 – Theft – A student reported their Debit Card used without their authorization. This incident is under investigation at this time. (Open)

10/22/15 – Harassment – A student came to the station and wanted to file a harassment by communication complaint.  All pertinent information was obtained, and an investigation was conducted.  The complainant stopped the investigation and requested no further assistance from this department. (Closed)

10/23/15 – Theft – A student reported their laundry taken from the Yorktown laundry room.  All pertinent information has been obtained and this incident is under investigation. (Open)

10/23/15 – Suspicious Person – This department is investigation a report received from a student in reference to a suspicious person/incident. (Open)

10/23/15 – Traffic Stop – An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle without inspection stickers.  The driver was issued a written warning for the violation. (Closed)

10/23/15 – Medical Emergency – A call was received for a female needing medical attention in Madison Hall.  Valley Ambulance was contacted and transported the female to Sewickley Valley Hospital for treatment. (Closed)

10/23/15 – Welfare Check – A parent requested this department make contact with their daughter. The parent called back and advised no assistance was needed they were able to reach their daughter. (Closed)

10/23/15 – Departmental Information – An officer was stopped by a female who reported tripping and falling on the sidewalk outside of Yorktown Hall.  The female refused medical treatment, and advised they would be checked out on their own. (Closed)

10/23/15 – Medical Emergency – A patron at the ISC was sick and needed medical attention.  Valley Ambulance transported the patron to Mercy Hospital for treatment. (Closed)

10/24/15 – Student Conduct – Officers were called to Concord Hall for a noise complaint.  One student was cited for underage drinking and public drunkenness, due to their level of intoxication. The others involved will be dealt with through Judicial Affairs. (Closed)

10/24/15 – Public Drunkenness – While on patrol, an officer viewed a male student stumbling and swaying as he walked.  The male was stopped and received citations for underage drinking and public drunkenness. (Closed)

10/24/15 – Fire Alarm – Guardian reported a fire alarm activated in Lexington Hall.  Upon officers arrival it was determined that a popcorn machine being used activated the alarm.  Officers notified maintenance and the system was reset. (Closed)

10/24/15 – Smell of Marijuana – Residence Life reported an odor of marijuana in Gallatin Hall.  Officers responded and found the source for the odor.  A small amount of marijuana was found and both parties involved were advised they would be sent through Judicial Affairs. (Closed)

10/24/15 – Fire Alarm – Guardian reported a fire alarm activated in Concord Hall.  Maintenance checked the system and found the alarm to be accidental. (Closed)

10/25/15 – Welfare Check – A parent requested this department check on their daughter who they have not heard from.  Contact was made with the daughter advising her to contact the parent. (Closed)

10/26/15 – Assist Another Agency – This department assisted Moon Police with a traffic stop on campus.  Officers assisted without incident. (Closed)

10/26/15 – Traffic Stop – A traffic stop was initiated for a driver who failed to use their turn signal while turning into the Yorktown Hall parking lot.  The driver was issued a written warning for the violation. (Closed)

10/26/15 – Student Conduct – An officer located an individual smoking marijuana outside of Yorktown Hall.  The male was notified he would be sent through Judicial Affairs for judgment, and the device used to smoke the marijuana was taken as evidence. (Closed)