Police Blotter 11/28/17-12/04/17

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Police Blotter 11/28/17-12/04/17

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11/28/17 -Medical Emergency-This department was notified of a patron at the ISC in need of medical attention.  The patron was transported to a hospital for treatment.(closed)

11/29/17 -Fire Alarm-Guardian reported a fire alarm activated in Concord Hall.  The cause for the alarm was burnt food.  Maintenance was notified to reset the alarm system.(closed)

11/29/17 -Harassment-A student reported being harassed on social media by a non-student.  Both parties were notified to stop any further contact or face criminal charges.(closed)

11/30/17 -Suspicious Person-Officers were called to Washington Hall for a suspicious male.  The male was found to be a student, who resides in the hall.(closed)

11/30/17 -Accident- This department was notified of a minor accident in Scaiffe parking lot. All pertinent information was obtained and a report was issued for insurance purposes.(closed)

11/30/17 -Lost property- A student reported losing their passport and already obtaining a replacement. A report was issued for the student to turn into their advisor. (closed)

11/30/17 -Theft- A student reported a theft from the new Rec Center. A short time later the student called back and advised the camera was found.(closed)

11/30/17 -Departmental information- This department received suspicious emails to the Public Safety account.  An investigation was conducted and found the emails coming from out of state.  The local police department in the area was contacted and checked on the person involved.(closed)

11/30/17 -Underaged Drinking-Residence Life reported a large party in Washington Hall.  Officers responded and dealt with all parties involved.  This incident will be handled through Student Conduct, and the Magistrates office(closed)

12/01/17 -Property Damage- This department took a report for a drone that caught fire in the John Jay Center.  The fire was small and extinguished immediately, and caused no significant damage.(closed)

12/01/17 -Smell of Marijuana-Residence Life reported a smell of marijuana at Yorktown Hall.  Officers responded and checked the building with negative results.(closed)

12/01/17 -Fire Alarm- Guardian reported a fire alarm activated in Concord Hall.  Officers checked the building and found the cause to be burnt food.  Maintenance responded and reset the alarm system.(closed)

12/02/17 -Student Conduct- Residence Life reported a smell of marijuana in Ross Hall.  The parties involved were advised that they would be sent through Student Conduct for their actions.(closed)

12/02/17 -Underage Drinking- Residence life reported an intoxicated male in Ross Hall.  Valley Ambulance transported the male to Sewickley Valley Hospital for treatment.  One citation issued.(closed)

12/02/17 -Found Property- An item of value was turned into this department that was found at the Rec Center.  The item was placed into evidence and will be kept until the owner claims it.(closed)

12/02/17 -Public Drunkenness- Officers were called to Braddock Hall for an intoxicated female.  The female was taken to the Moon Township Police Department for lodging until sober.(closed)

12/01/17 -Disturbance- This department was notified of a complaint at the Island Sports Center.  An officer responded and resolved the situation without incident.(closed)

12/01/17 -Disturbance- This department was notified of a complaint at the Island Sports Center.  An officer responded and resolved the situation without incident.(closed)

12/03/17 -Student Conduct- While conducting a walkthrough of Yorktown Hall, an officer assisted Residence Life with a female under the influence of alcohol.  The student was found to be no harm to themselves or others, and was allowed to remain in their room.(closed)

12/04/17 -Departmental Information- This department is investigating a suspicious phone call that was received by a department on campus.(closed)

12/04/17 -Medical Emergency- Officers were called to the Business School for a student that was in need of medical attention.  Valley Ambulance was contacted, but the student refused treatment.(closed)


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