Police Blotter 11/13/13 – 11/18/13


11/13/13 – Student Conduct – A student came and reported their iPhone missing.  A report was written and the cameras will be checked in the area in an attempt to locate the phone. (Open)

11/13/13 – Fire Alarm – Residence life reported burnt food on the 9th floor of Yorktown Hall.  Officers responded, and notified maintenance to bring a fan to ventilate the floor. (Closed)

11/14/13 – Departmental Information – Maintenance reported the fan missing from the 9th floor of Yorktown Hall.  The cameras were reviewed and the fan was located, and returned. (Closed)

11/14/13 – Fire Alarm – A student reported burning food in Concord Hall setting off the fire alarm.  An officer responded, checked the room and reset the alarm panel. (Closed)

11/15/13 – Medical Emergency – Maintenance reported an elderly male wandering around John Jay Center.  Officers responded and made contact with the male who suffers from dementia.  The male was transported back to his residence in Moon Township by this department. (Closed)

11/15/13 – Medical Emergency – This department was advised of a male student vomiting in the John Jay parking lot.  The male was located and requested an ambulance to be checked out.  Valley Ambulance responded and transported the student to Sewickley Hospital for treatment.

11/15/13 – 302 Commitment – This department was advised of a student who attempted to hurt themselves.  Officers and Valley Ambulance responded and the student was transported to Sewickley Hospital for evaluation. (Closed)

11/16/13 – Civil Complaint –  This department was advised of a verbal argument by the Gazebo parking lot.  Officers responded and both parties involved were advised to separate for the night and return to their dorms. (Closed)

11/16/13 – Fire Alarm – Guardian reported a fire alarm activated in Joe Walton Stadium.  Upon officers arrival the alarm panel read smoke detector activated, elevator control room.  The room was checked with negative results. Maintenance notified of the alarm. (Closed)

11/16/13 – Fire Alarm – Guardian reported a second alarm for Joe Walton Stadium in the elevator room.  The room was checked again with negative results and maintenance was notified. (Closed)

11/17/13 – Medical Emergency – A student was transported to Sewickley Valley Hospital for having an elevated heart rate and a cold feeling in the chest.  Transport was made without incident. (Closed)

11/17/13 – Burglar Alarm – Guardian reported a basement window break alarm in the Alumni house.  Officers responded and found no broken windows or entry made to the building.  The alarm was rest by the officers. (Closed)

11/17/13 – Power Outage – A strong storm came through the area causing a power outage and a downed tree behind Hale Center.  Duquesne Light and maintenance were advised of the issues caused by the storm. (Closed)

11/18/13 – Suspicious Person – An employee reported a male walking in and out of Wheatley Center, and again in Hale Center.  Officers checked campus for the male in question and met with negative results. (Closed)

11/18/13 – Medical Emergency – A student requested an ambulance at Sewall Center for a nosebleed, pain and a headache.  The student advised the injury was sustained while playing basketball.  Valley Ambulance responded and advised the student’s nose was not broken. (Closed)