Police Blotter 1/14/14 – 1/20/14


1/14/14 – Lost Property – An employee reported losing their University issued keys.  A report was generated and forwarded to the University locksmith for a replacement. (Closed)

1/14/14 – Disturbance – This department received a noise complaint in Concord Hall.  Officers responded and advised the occupants to keep the noise down.  No further action required. (Closed)

1/15/14 – Student Conduct – Residence life reported an odor of marijuana in Hancock hall.  Upon officers arrival it was determined that the odor was incense.  Both residents in the room were advised that burning incense or candles is prohibited in the dorms. This incident will be handled through Residence life. (Closed)

1/15/14 – This department was advised of suspected drug use in Yorktown hall. The party involved was interviewed and sent to the Dean of Students for resolution. (Closed)

1/15/14 – Accident – This department was advised of a motor vehicle accident in the Facilities parking lot.  Both parties information was obtained and a report was issued for insurance purposes. (Closed)

1/15/14 – Trouble Alarm – Guardian reported a trouble alarm activated in Lexington hall.  The building was checked with negative results, and officers cleared. (Closed)

1/16/14 – Property Damage – A student came and reported that their television was damaged while home for winter break.  All pertinent information was obtained and an investigation is being conducted. (Open)

1/16/14 – Departmental Information – While on patrol, officers viewed a disabled vehicle on Campus Drive.  Officers assisted the driver and the vehicle was removed without incident. (Closed)

1/17/14 – Recovered Property – A student turned in a credit card that was found on campus.  The owner was notified and retrieved their card. (Closed)

1/17/14 – Medical Emergency – Moon PD brought a student to our station that was found walking barefoot in the Giant Eagle Plaza. The student seemed disoriented and was transported to Sewickley Valley Hospital by Valley Ambulance to be checked out. (Closed)

1/18/14 – Underage Drinking – Residence life reported a large party in Salem Hall.  The party was broken up by officers and four students and one non-student were cited for underage drinking. (Closed)

1/18/14 – Property Damage – An employee at the ISC reported damage to their vehicle while parked in the parking lot.  Pictures were taken of scratches on the passenger side door, and a report was issued for insurance purposes. (Closed)

1/19/14 – Underage Drinking – This department was advised of an intoxicated male on the shuttle outside of Yorktown Hall.  The male was identified, cited for underage drinking, public intoxication, and taken to Coraopolis PD for lodging until sober. (Closed)

1/19/14 – Public Drunkenness – This department was advised of two females staggering into Salem Hall.  Officers responded and made contact with the females who were both intoxicated.  One female was cited for public intoxication, underage drinking and taken to Coraopolis PD for lodging until sober due to her level of intoxication.  The other female was released and will be sent through Judicial Affairs for judgment. (Closed)

1/19/14 – Underage Drinking – This department was advised of an intoxicated female in Monroe Hall.  The female was located, identified and cited for underage drinking by this department. (Closed)

1/19/14 – Fire Alarm -This department was advised of a fire alarm activated on the 5th floor of Yorktown Hall.  Officers responded and found the cause to be burnt food in a microwave.  The alarm panel was reset. (Closed)

1/19/14 – Underage Drinking – This department was advised of a loud party in Madison Hall.  Upon officers arrival five students were cited for underage drinking, two students sent through Judicial Affairs, and one non-student issued a trespass warning. (Closed)

1/20/14 – Disturbance – This department was advised of a large party in Lexington hall.  Officers checked the building and met with negative results. (Closed)

1/20/14 – Found Property – Maintenance turned over a bag containing medical equipment that was found in Hale center.  The bag was brought back to Barry Center and stored in evidence until the owner can be located. (Closed)

1/20/14 – Medical Emergency – This department was advised of a female student who passed out in the Cafeteria.  Valley Ambulance was contacted and transported the student to Sewickley Valley Hospital for treatment. (Closed)